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Summary A GUI frontend for svnadmin based on wxPython
Category scm
License X/MIT License
Owner(s) djlauk


wxSvnAdmin helps subversion repository administrators on their usual jobs.
A special focus lies on automating default actions, like creating the tags/, branches/, and trunk/ directories and importing them.
It's also planned to support remote repository administration by use of telnet and later ssh.


Note:You won't need those if you use pre-built binaries.

  • Python 2.4 (earlier versions should work as well)
  • wxPython 2.6 (earlier versions should work as well)

Project Progress

This section shall provide you with some information about the current project state. It is not totally accurate, but you'll get an idea of where wxSvnAdmin is and where it should go.

Feature / Part / StepProgress
Software Design50 %
GUI25 %
local execution0 %
remote (via telnet)10 %
remote (via ssh)0 %